Work Examples

Assembly Machines and Fixtures    Click to show/hide details

Incotech can design and manufacture assembly machines and fixtures to suit a customer’s specification and component. The assembly machines can range from a simple work holding fixture to a standalone fully automatic assembly station to a complete assembly cell of several machines.

Assembly machines can include Poka Yoke features, vision systems and assembly sequence prompts on a HMI screen to help ensure that the components are being assembled correctly and in the right order.

Over many years we have manufactures assembly machines for a large variety of products including: - automotive drive shafts, sunshine roofs, interior trim, door hinges, clutch plates, gearboxes, glass panels, body jewellery, radiators, etc.


End of Line Test Machines   Click to show/hide details

End of line test machines are used to do a final test on completed products to ensure that they have been assembled correctly and work within designated parameters. Depending on the product the test machine could have many different requirements and functions, which can include: - product cycle testing, earth continuity testing, pressure testing, force and load measurement, speed tests, leak testing, dimension measurement, flow measurement, etc. Test systems can feature simple pass/fail indication, test report printout, full data acquisition, data logging and product marking.


Products that Incotech have successfully provided test rigs for include: -

  • Hot water heaters
  • Electronic power steering columns
  • Vehicle Gearboxes
  • Jet engine speed sensors
  • Electric sunshine roofs
  • Aircraft articulated ducting
  • Aircraft safety critical components
  • Axle differentials
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Automotive fluid reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fan drive
  • Vehicle starter generators
  • Gear pumps


Leak test machines and fixtures   Click to show/hide details


Incotech manufacture bespoke leak testing machines and fixtures. These generally utilize the pressure decay method of testing, which works by pressurising the component with low pressure compressed air, sealing off the component and then monitoring any drop in pressure. Comparing the results with established criteria will determine if the test is a pass or fail.

Automated leak test machines can incorporate fixtures to hold and clamp the component, actuated sealing devices to close off any fixed openings in the component, safety enclosure and test pass/fail indication or part marking.

Alternative leak testing media are available depending on the test requirements e.g. water, oil, nitrogen, helium.

Incotech also manufacture our own basic leak testing instrument, which is generally used for manual offline testing of standalone components.

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Gearbox Test Rigs   Click to show/hide details


Gearbox test stands or transmission test beds, are used for the final test and running of gearboxes prior to despatch. Gearbox test rigs are designed, manufactured and commissioned by Incotech for a wide type of gearbox types including 2wd, 4wd, manual and automatic.

All gearbox test rigs are supplied with a high specification oil lubrication system that enables the oil used in the gearboxes to be tested for particles and filtered. Oil flows, pressures and temperatures are measured and all variables are monitored to be within preset limits.

The gearboxes test rigs feature variable speed electric drive, output load application, hydraulic clamping, manual or automatic gear change, automatic drive engagement and output speed measurement.

Data acquisition and machine control is via a Windows based industrial PC.


Dynamometers   Click to show/hide details

Incotech design and manufacture bespoke dynamometers for products for the purpose of measuring force, torque and power.
Dynamometers can feature various motor types including DC, AC and servo which are selected to suit the application specification. We have supplied dynamometers with output speeds up to 70,000 rpm and power outputs of 90kW. Data acquisition is generally via National Instruments hardware in conjunction with LabVIEW software.


Endurance Test Rig  Click to show/hide details


Incotech design and manufacture endurance test rigs for the purpose of cycle testing a product to simulate operation of the product over a prolonged time period. Endurance test machines can feature pneumatic or electric actuation of several functions.

Control could be via simple pneumatic logic with a basic cycle counter or a PLC and HMI screen giving the option to produce test data tables.
An example is shown which is used for endurance testing of door locks in accordance with British Standards.







Automated Calibration Machine  Click to show/hide details

This automated machine was designed and manufactured to replace a labour intensive operation to test and calibrate torque limiting
screwdrivers. The machine includes conveyors to transport the product to and from the machine, automatic loading via a pick and place unit, automatic adjustment of torque setting via a servo drive, torque measurement, serial number and data recording and laser engraving. Several variants of the screwdrivers are accommodated via simple tool changes. The machine is fully controlled via a PC utilising National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software.



PCB Test and Interface Equipment  Click to show/hide details

Incotech design and manufacture Printed Circuit Board interface rigs and cabinets for the testing of PCB’s and Electronic Control Units.
PCB interface rigs are designed for easy PCB mounting and quick connection to PCB terminals. Multi-core cables with multi-pin plugs provide the connection to test instrumentation.

ECU interface cabinets comprise several hundred relays which are used to simulate ECU control inputs and outputs. Connection to the ECU and test instrumentation is provided via high density multipin sockets and multi-core cables with plugs.


Control Panels and Systems  Click to show/hide details

Incotech design and build control panels and systems for our own machines, for machine and plant upgrades and for third party manufacturers.
From PLC control to relay logic, mimic panels to HMI operator interfaces, PLC programming to LabVIEW data acquisition, we have the in-house capabilities to provide the best solution for the application.


High Pressure Test Facility  Click to show/hide details

This test facility was designed, manufactured and installed by Incotech for the purpose of testing large hot water cylinders. The test facility comprised two large enclosures each complete with door interlocks to safely house the test piece. Once the cylinder is coupled to the test system an automated sequence is initiated to fill and pressurise the water tank, pressure sensors monitor the pressure level over a time period to determine whether the cylinder meets the test parameters. Control is via a PLC with remote mounted operator HMI screen.