Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are now excellent value for money, your simple or complex repetitive task can be easily replicated by a Cobot (Collaborative Robot).

Whilst many manufacturers will sell you a Cobot, integrating them into your workflow process is Incotech’s strength.

Advantages of Cobots:

  • Cost-effective (payback within 2 to 3 years)
  • Repetitive tasks are undertaken with no labour costs
  • Assembly errors reduced
  • Production rates increased
  • Pick and place
  • Can work safely alongside human workers


Incotech have the experience and expertise to integrate a Cobot into your work area, with the appropriate safety equipment and risk assessments required. We take the initial enquiry and recommend the right solution to meet your needs cost effectively. This may involve a complete turn-key solution, or the simple addition of a cobot to a pre-existing manufacturing cell. All Cobot installations are integrated by our engineers and optimised to ensure your process runs smoothly and as fast as possible.

Inspection Capabilities

The latest generation of Cobots have integrated vision systems. These latest integrated features can be used to aid your production inspection requirements. The vision system is integrated into the operating software of the Cobot and can be used for a variety of solutions.

Vision Capabilities (but not limited to):

  • Checking of colours
  • Checking of sizes
  • Orientation checking (to enable the Robot to pick the component)
  • Checking if the part bin is empty
  • Part production state (such as detecting unwanted flash on a moulded part)
  • Part presence (for example automated machine tooling)
  • Counting
  • QR barcode reading for traceability


Many different Cobot suppliers are now available and the market is continually expanding. Incotech will provide the right solution to meet your needs cost-effectively. Suppliers include: Universal Robots, ABB, KUKA AG, FANUC, Techman Robot, AUBO, YASKAWA and Staubli

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