Service and Support

From Start to Finish

Incotech realise that once a machine is shipped the project is not finished. We strive to make the end customer happy and provide as much support as necessary; This always includes a manual, electrical drawings and mechanical drawings.

On site support can be given with quick response times as required in the current production systems. Machines are of course designed to reduce failures using modern equipment, clever design and experience.

Build to Print

We can manufacture to your drawings. Assemble, commission and complete the project.

Project Management

All project management can be undertaken and we specialise in controlling the whole entity from start to finish. We will work with you making a project plan where both parties have tasks to complete to ensure the deadline is met.

A project manager will be assigned when a order is placed for your one point of contact. However being the company we are, we communicate well and more than one senior engineer will be able to help you should a question arise.