End of Line Test Machines

End of line test machines are used to do a final test on completed products to ensure that they have been assembled correctly and work within designated parameters. Depending on the product the test machine could have many different requirements and functions, which can include: – product cycle testing, earth continuity testing, pressure testing, force and load measurement, speed tests, leak testing, dimension measurement, flow measurement, etc. Test systems can feature simple pass/fail indication, test report printout, full data acquisition, data logging and product marking.

  • Products that Incotech have successfully provided test rigs for include:
  • Hot water heaters
  • Electronic power steering columns
  • Vehicle Gearboxes
  • Jet engine speed sensors
  • Electric sunshine roofs
  • Aircraft articulated ducting
  • Aircraft safety critical components
  • Axle differentials
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Automotive fluid reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fan drive
  • Vehicle starter generators
  • Gear pumps