Glass Roof Curvature Checking and Test Machines

A customer produces glass panoramic roofs for customers such as Jaguar, Landrover and Nissan.

Either as a final check or as a in process check, the glass has to be measured for the correct curvature. It is important it is correct so that it fits the body in white (BIW) car body correctly.

The pictures below so several of our machines. Mostly the piece of glass is heavy and is loaded with a manipulator.

Once loaded the operator either pushes go and a completely automated, or a manual process of measurement occurs.

LVDTs measure the roof and report back on to a display their findings. The panel can then be passed or failed, or in some cases bent to make it correct.

A passed panel receives a printed label with date/time/operator/type included in a barcode.

The whole process takes around 60 seconds.