JCB Gearbox Test Rig

JCB Transmissions have a long standing relationship with Incotech having provided many end of line testing machines.

They came to us with a need to test a new gearbox for a new product line.

Details are confidential but we are able to tell you that the gearbox required to be fully loaded under test. This was achieved with an input motor similarly sized to the engine on the JCB Loadall, and two output motors which pretend to be the front and rear axles.

The power used to turn the gearbox is recovered from the output motors and fed back into the system. The output motors are specified large enough to stall the gearbox (there is a lot of torque involved!)

The input and output flanges/yokes on the gearbox are automatically connected in the test rig.

The system communicates with the TCU (transmission control unit) through CANBUS, and is controlled with a VMC control system. System parameters are read and recorded during a comprehensive test, these include, pressures, speeds, vibration, torque and temperature.

Whilst the testing is undertaken, the oil in the gearbox is cleaned, and removes initial break in debris. The cleanliness of the oil is measured and recorded.

The gearbox test stand was completely project managed by Incotech and was on time and within budget.